For only $ 1.30 more, offer your customers an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use collaboration platform.

Nowadays, remote work has taken hold of most of your customers and this new work environment is not going to disappear any time soon. Are your customers giving their employees the tools to collaborate remotely and stay productive? Email was not designed for collaboration and on its own it does not meet today’s needs.

Show your customers how for an additional $ 1.30 they can give their employees access to a true collaborative workspace and how this will contribute to the overall success of their business.

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For as little as $ 1.30 more, Microsoft 365 Business Basic offers much more value.

With Microsoft Teams, view, share and co-edit files securely in real time. Combine chat, voice, and video calls in one app.

Use team sites to educate and engage members of your organization, and to connect your users to content, skills, and procedures through SharePoint.

Get 1TB of online storage with OneDrive to create, edit, and share documents, photos, and more from anywhere, on all your devices.

Access the web version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint from anywhere and collaborate in real time with others on documents right from your favorite browser.

With Microsoft Forms, you have a simple form to create polls, surveys, and quizzes. Collect data and visualize it in real time with automatic charts.

Organize your team’s work with intuitive, collaborative, and visual task management thanks to Planner.

Automate your workflows directly with a no-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services with Power Automate & Power Apps.

With Exchange Online hosted by Microsoft, use a professional, efficient, efficient and secure messaging.

For more advanced collaboration and productivity features, Microsoft Business Standard is the solution to offer your customers.

It is Microsoft Business Basic


Most features of the desktop versions of Office software are not supported in the Office version on the web. Enjoy full and always up-to-date versions by installing Office apps on 5 mobile devices, 5 tablets and 5 PCs or Macs per user.

Streamline appointment scheduling and management with Bookings, an easy-to-customize tool. Help your staff stick to their schedule and avoid double bookings. Easy-to-navigate web page lets your clients find and book appointments 24 hours a day.

Accurate mileage tracking and reporting in the palm of your hand with MileIQ. Works in the background while you are driving. Automatically classify frequent trips. Keep an accurate record of your mileage.

Microsoft Business Premium adds a layer of protection against cyber threats by including advanced security features to protect company data on all devices.

It is Microsoft Business Standard


With Intune, secure, deploy, and manage your employees’ devices and mobile apps. This gives you control over how your organization’s devices are used.

With Azure Information Protection protect sensitive emails, documents, and data from accidental sharing with encryption, data classification with labels and other options.

With Conditional Access allow or deny access to your data and applications depending on when the employee logs in, his location and the applications he uses.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, the only virtualized solution fully optimized for Windows 10 and Office 365, access desktops from any device, from anywhere.

Protect yourself from malware, viruses, phishing scams, malicious links, and other threats with Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Drive productivity with Universal Printing. Cloud-based printing solution that allows you to eliminate the need for a local print server.

Act now by talking to your customers about all these tools and do not let someone else do it for you. If you need help, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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