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Zerospam filtering technology is unsurpassed, powered by artificial intelligence and perfected by experts to ensure exceptional accuracy and ease of use.

Just the protection you need, without a hitch.

Specifically designed to be powerful yet simple, the Zerospam solution contains all the features needed to protect your customers against all forms of email threats, which are constantly changing. Add an extra layer of protection for many solutions such as Microsoft 365!

A robust, reliable solution 

  • 99.9% detection rate
  • False-positive rate of 0.01%
  • More than 38 million emails scanned each week
  • A Canadian company with its datacentre in Canada

Easy to use

With Zerospam, no installation or update is necessary – just change the MX records and you’re done! The cloud management interface, Cumulus, is highly intuitive and easy-to-use for both IT administrators and their customers.

Automatic protection for emails sent to and from a domain

Zerospam’s filters are triggered upon SMTP connections and will perform an initial sort before even seeing the subject or content of the email. The filters then examine the e-mails in depth and analyze the attachments. Zerospam technology is created to fight phishing, and its filters are updated daily to ensure your safety. Despite the complexity of this filtering technology, its configuration and use remain simple.


Analysis of the sender’s behaviour during the SMTP transaction.


Link inspection and content filtering – heuristic and AI components, real-time blacklist checking.


Antivirus (detection of zero-day threats and known viruses) and identification of phishing signs.


Content filtering by heuristic model and email authentication (DKIM/DMARC).

ZeroPhishing Advanced

Anti-whaling module and lexicographical analysis.


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