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This security measure uses the Twofish encryption algorithm. This 256-bit encryption algorithm is unbreachable. To this day, no fault has ever been detected in this algorithm.


Encryption key

Encryption is the operation by which data is secured. Recovery requires your encryption key, known only by you. Even our technicians cannot decipher or access your data.


SSL-Encrypted connection

The secured online transmission between the customer and the data center is called the "SSL-encrypted connection". It is the second encryption made at the source (your computer / server) to our data center, thus ensuring complete confidentiality of your backup.


IT Security Procedures

Our organization follows the strictest information technology security procedures which comply with, among others, the guidelines set by the professional order for notaries.



Your data is sent to our main data center in Trois-Rivieres (Quebec) with a 99.99% uptime SLA. Your data is then securely replicated and transmitted to two separate data centers located in Canada.


Data Storage - History  - Retention

Our SBackup and MedicBackup services offer 60-day and 90-day default retention periods, respectively.  The default retention period can be extended to 180 days for an additional fee. Replica offers 1 year of retention unlimited with Office 365 Backup. With LTBackup and ProBackup, your data is stored according to the retention period chosen upon installation.


Data center (Replica and Office 365 Backup)

IT Cloud has partnered with Centurylink via StorageCraft, located at Century Link’s TR3  in Markham, ON (Canada).


Our Client list

This list is strictly confidential. No partner or third party has access to this list.


Collection of personal information

Collection of personal information is limited to a strict minimum for the purposes of registration and correspondence.


Personal information

Your personal information is protected against all unauthorized access attemps. All your information is encrypted along with your files. Your identity as well as your data are protected against security breaches. The solid structure has been tried and tested. All of our technicians have signed confidentiality agreements and have no criminal records.

IT Cloud value added cloud distributor

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Cloud Backup services 100% managed and supervised - CBaaS




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Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup

Specialised Solutions

We also offer specialized solutions designed to meet the needs of different professional associations and corporations.

Recovery Plan service 100% managed and supervised - DRaaS


SBackup - Online Backup

Authorized provider to offer its external technology-based file storage service to notaries.


Legal is an Authorized Microsoft Multi-Tier distributor for CSPs, a NinjaRMM, Letsignit, Zerospam and Bitdefender Cloud Distributor in Canada. They have also been distributing their own managed and supervised cloud backup solutions for 14 years. Born in the cloud, was established in 2005 to provide cloud backup services in the form of supervised cloud solutions to Canadian MSPs. Boasting a network of over 900 partners-resellers country-wide and tens of thousands of daily backups, this organization is among the top service providers of secured cloud backup and AV solutions as well as Microsoft cloud services in Canada. IT Cloud Solutions also stands at the forefront of the IT scene in terms of infrastructure and security. With, MSPs across Canada can combine Business Continuity and Productivity in one single place!

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Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
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IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
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IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
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IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner