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Why you should become a

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?


Sell more than just hardware and perpetual software licenses and position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers.


Integrate, price and sell Microsoft Cloud products (Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Security and Dynamics 365) with your own service and product offerings on a monthly subscription basis.


Increase your margins and your monthly recurring revenue.


Simplify billing for your customers : They get a single bill for support, services and licences.

8 reasons to Become an Indirect CSP Reseller with

We help you grow your business by

• Working closely with you to ensure we understand your business and your needs.

• Making sure you maximize your profitability with the most competitive margins.

• Helping you gain Microsoft competencies so you get all of the incentives provided by Microsoft for resellers.


We provide you with a complete Five-star bilingual sale and technical support

• A dedicated team of certified Microsoft specialists as an extension of your team.

• Our renowned one on one support, always free and unlimited.

• Stay competitive, increase and diversify your income with our In-depth technical training  through Academy.

• Our training is delivered by professionals you can trust with both the deep technical knowledge and practical business smarts.


We support you promote your business

• We assist you and customize our go-to-market material for free to match your branding.


We simplify the invoicing

• Single monthly billing while you get paid incredible commissions

Direct billing : we bill your customer

Indirect billing: you bill your customer


Access our user-friendly Partner Portal for all your need

• Fast and easy provisioning portal; Quotes, orders, billing, provisioning and service management.


Add other cloud solutions to your portfolio to keep your customers buying from you and enhance value, loyalty and profits

• Office 365 Backup solution to eliminate all Office 365 data loss and corruption risks.

• MOCC Office 365, a self-service training portal to help your customer maximize their investment.

• Real data security and fast disaster recovery, always in a Canadian cloud: LT/ProBackup, SBackup, MedicBackup, Replica, Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSP.


You retain full ownership of the customer relationship and serve as the primary point of contact


We provide you with a simple tool to transfer your Microsoft Advisors and Direct clients to CSP

At, our commitment is to always help you develop a unique value proposition for your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Q: We are an Advisor Partner. How does the CSP program relate to the Advisor program?

A: The Advisor program is being retired by Microsoft. Now is the prefect time to join the CSP program and get more revenue. We’ll be glad to help.


Q: If we join the CSP program, can customers under an existing EA, Open or Advisor agreement buy subscriptions from us?

A: Yes. Customers who purchased subscriptions with other licensing models can transition to new CSP subscriptions or have both types existing side by side.


Q: How can I sell to a customer that has already a CSP partner ?

A: The CSP program allows customers to have relationships with more than one CSP reseller.


Q: If we become an Indirect Reseller, will Microsoft recognize our sales towards competencies and revenue rebates?

A: Yes. Your partner MPN ID is simply attached to every subscription you sell.


Q: Can I move a current CSP agreement from my current indirect provider/distributor to

A: Yes, we have defined processes to easily deliver a contract transition, please contact us for more details


Q: I am a Direct CSP reseller. Can I move to Indirect and what are the benefits ?

A: Yes, you can. Delivering Microsoft cloud services is easy when you partner with and you still get very good margins.


You don’t need to :

• Provide at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution applications.

• Enable billing and provisioning infrastructure.

• Purchase Microsoft Advanced Support that runs $15,000 per year.

CSP programme microsoft

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Membership is free and without any Commitment

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IT Cloud value added cloud distributor

Simplify cloud with your business continuity and productivity applications


Cloud  Backup product for MSP



Hybrid Backup

Office 365 Backup

Cloud Backup services 100% managed and supervised - CBaaS




Mail security | Antispam


Antivirus - Cloud Security for MSP




Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup

Specialised Solutions

We also offer specialized solutions designed to meet the needs of different professional associations and corporations.

Recovery Plan service 100% managed and supervised - DRaaS


SBackup - Online Backup

Authorized provider to offer its external technology-based file storage service to notaries.


Legal is an Authorized Microsoft Multi-Tier distributor for CSPs, a NinjaRMM, Letsignit, Zerospam and Bitdefender Cloud Distributor in Canada. They have also been distributing their own managed and supervised cloud backup solutions for 14 years. Born in the cloud, was established in 2005 to provide cloud backup services in the form of supervised cloud solutions to Canadian MSPs. Boasting a network of over 900 partners-resellers country-wide and tens of thousands of daily backups, this organization is among the top service providers of secured cloud backup and AV solutions as well as Microsoft cloud services in Canada. IT Cloud Solutions also stands at the forefront of the IT scene in terms of infrastructure and security. With, MSPs across Canada can combine Business Continuity and Productivity in one single place!

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Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
Online Backup Support
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CSP programme microsoft
IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
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CSP programme microsoft
IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner
Online Backup - MedicBackup
SBackup - Online Backup cloud distributor
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CSP programme microsoft
IT Cloud value added cloud distributor
Microsoft Gold Partner