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Offer data security, cloud protection and disaster recovery to your customers, all in a Canadian cloud.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Office 365 Backup
Operating systems supported
Types of cloud backup
Files and folders
OneDrive, Sharepoint
MySQL databases
Microsoft Exchange Server databases
Microsoft 365 Messaging
Microsoft SQL Server databases
Backup of virtual machines
Hyper-V VMware
Initial Backup
60 GB or more on external drive
Available as an option
Available as an option
256-bit encryption directly at the source
Secure cloud transfer of data (SSL)
Support from expert technicians
Daily verification by expert technicians
Monitoring your cloud backup
Backup report
History and Retention
60-day backup
90-day backup
120-day backup
Available as an option
Available as an option
150-day backup
Available as an option
Available as an option
180-day backup
Available as an option
Available as an option
Data recovery via the Cloud
Free and unlimited
Free and unlimited
Free and unlimited
Free and unlimited
Free and unlimited
Storage site
Hybrid backup

Hybrid Backup

Local and online backup, powered by

We offer free hybrid backup with all our online backup solutions.

Complete your cloud backup with a secure local backup for your data. Our hybrid backup incorporates online backup, local backup for faster recoveries, and system restore to complete your disaster recovery plan.

Why a hybrid backup?

With Hybrid Backup, you can back up or restore large amounts of data in minutes. Your local backup can be made on an internal, external or network drive.

In addition, Hybrid Backup secures your locally backed up files with 256-bit AES encryption for complete protection. You can perform a local backup for all your files whenever you want or by setting an automated daily schedule.

SSA security standard for online backup, powered by

A standard to guarantee Supervision, Safety and Automation.

Unique and only at

Benefits of our SSA-compliant backup services:

  • Daily backup in the background
  • File history
    • 60 basic days with the SBackup service
    • 90 basic days with the MedicBackup service
  • Daily monitoring of your backups by specialized technicians
  • Intervention by an expert technician in the event of an error
  • Commitment to quality service

Learn more about the SSA standard

Disaster Recovery Plan

Ensure business continuity by preparing your corporate customers to withstand computer disasters. When calamity strikes, your client will be back at work in moments with our Disaster Recovery Plan service.

Learn more about our recovery plan service.