React quickly to data loss with the top choice of the health industry – Medic Backup

Medical clinics, dental offices, vet centres and even wellness centres deal with important data that must be protected! Shield them from malicious attacks, employee clumsiness and computer crashes while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with 5-star support from our expert technicians.

Peace of mind guaranteed | The only cloud backup that includes full daily proactive verification

Our experts manage, monitor and ensure the success of all backups for you. Received an error report? No problem. The Medic Backup support team is already taking care of the problem and will resolve the issue. All medical data thus remains secure: Files, folders and databases. With Medic Backup, a fully monitored online backup solution, daily backups are functional and always recoverable!

Your data belongs to you

With a default history of 90 days, your data remains accessible when you need it most. Data recovery via our 100% Canadian cloud is unlimited and free! Our expert technicians will be there to help you throughout the process.

All our Medic Backup packages include:

  • Support and daily verification of backups by expert technicians
  • Default 90-day history
  • Free, unlimited cloud recovery
  • Free recovery on an external hard drive in under 24 hours for a large volume of data
  • First backup on an external hard drive at no cost (300 GB and up)
  • 100% Canadian datacentre

Details and technical specifications

Operating systems supported
Types of cloud backup
Files and folders
MySQL databases
Microsoft SQL Server databases
Initial Backup
300 GB or more on external drive
256-bit encryption directly at the source
Secure cloud transfer of data (SSL)
Support from expert technicians
Daily verification by expert technicians
Monitoring of your Cloud backup
Backup report
History and retention
90-day backup
180 day backup
Available as an option
Data recovery via the Cloud
Free and unlimited
Storage site
Hybrid backup

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