Thousands of customers have chosen the peace of mind offered by our solutions, our specialized technicians and our infrastructure.

At, we understand the importance of compliance, reliability and security. We therefore comply with personal data protection standards such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PIPEDA (Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act).

SSA Standard - Exclusive to IT

Safety standard to guarantee supervision, safety and automation. It is available for SBackup and MedicBackup.

Monitored Backup.

Our technicians do more than just monitor your data, they intervene when the procedure is not followed 100%.

Our monitoring service is:

  • Support
  • Backup reports
  • Direct communication with you when a backup problem occurs.

Secure Backup.

Your documents are protected in three ways: encryption on your computer, secure transfer (SSL tunnel) and security on our servers.

Secure means:

  • Local encryption
  • SSL Tunnel
  • Servers located in Canada

Automatic Backup.

The backup is done by itself. Everything happens in the background according to the backup schedule you have decided.

Automatism is:

  • Proven structure
  • Monitoring and verification of your backup
  • Planned schedule of backups
  • No intervention on your side

Benefits of our SSA-compliant backup services.

The security of your data is important


This security measure uses the Twofish encryption algorithm. This 256-bit encryption is unbreakable and to this day, no flaws have ever been detected in the algorithm.

Encryption key.

Encryption is the action of securing data. When you retrieve it, you will need your key, known only to you. Even our technicians cannot decrypt or access your data.

SSL secured link.

The secure online transfer between the customer and the data center is called the “SSL secured link”. It is the second encryption that will run from the source (your computer/server) to our data center. This final step makes the safeguard procedure completely confidential.

IT security procedures.

Our organization complies with the strictest standards in information technology security procedures, which meets the guidelines of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec among others.

The storage of your data

Data Center Security

SBackup, Medic Backup, LTBackup, ProBackup

Your data is sent to a Canadian data center.


Acronis uses a Canadian data center with the highest industry standards such as ISO 27001, Soc 1 and Soc 2.

Office 365 Backup

The data is stored in Canada (Microsoft Azure Central Canada datacentre).

Privacy policy & personal information.

List of our clients

This list is totally confidential; no partner or third party has access to it.

Collection of personal information

We limit collection to the strict minimum necessary for registration and communication.

Your personal information

We protect it from any unauthorized access. All your information is encrypted, like your files are. Your identity and data are protected against any intrusion. The structure is solid and proven. Our technicians have all signed confidentiality agreements and are free of criminal records.

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