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Block cyberthreats, cryptolockers and ransomware easily with Bitdefender’s multi-layered security. Get the most innovative technologies that prevent, detect and correct the latest cyberthreats before they cause you problems. Bitdefender’s advanced artificial intelligence adds an extra layer of security to your computer systems.

Bitdefender protects companies against ransomware

Ransomware has quickly become one of the most widespread and feared threats to organizations around the world. Only 30% of companies think they can recover from a ransomware attack.

Proactive Detection and Enhanced Security

  • Real-time process control – GravityZone monitors process execution and stops ransomware actions, including registry key changes and attempts to read/write/encrypt files.
  • With Fileless Attack Defense, fileless and scripted attacks are analyzed and blocked quickly.
  • HyperDetect’s customizable auto-learning feature blocks advanced attacks before they are even executed, using a set of advanced algorithms.
  • Suspicious files or scripts are highlighted for full insight into the type of threat and possible consequences.
  • Bitdefender can stop a malicious process, undo changes and disinfect.

Bitdefender offers the best protection against malware without compromising speed or performance.

The most effective protection against advanced attacks

With its more mature technologies and additional layers of protection, Bitdefender blocks more advanced attacks and consistently outperforms other Next-Gen AV and EDR products in real-world testing.

Reduced risk of breaches and reviews

Bitdefender’s approach relies on a set of risk assessment, enforcement and prevention tools to block threats before they even occur, unlike pure EDR solutions that rely on detecting an incident after the breach.

Unified management and cost-effective program for MSPs

Bitdefender GravityZone provides encryption, content control, patching, AV, risk analysis and EDR. It also offers usage-based licensing and aggregated pricing levels to improve not only MSP security but also their profits, while reducing costs.

Prevention against advanced threats

Effective automated prevention against advanced attacks is essential to avoid breaches and limit manual review of incidents.

The following technologies, available in the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security (ATS) extension, have been specifically designed to detect the most discreet threats and block them before they can become harmful.

An easy-to-use portal to manage and secure your customers | GravityZone works with you and for you!

Simple interface

Available for administrators and for users without any advanced IT knowledge.

Automated deployment

No need to install Bitdefender agents one by one; Bitdefender automatically uninstalls the competing solution and deploys itself using network discovery.

The GravityZone platform detects and blocks threats that could affect your organization’s assets. Get 360-degree visibility and an overview of security risk exposure.

Bitdefender EDR and attack visualization

EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response and the ability to visualize and review attacks have quickly become essential elements of multi-layered protection for MSPs.

Activating the Bitdefender EDR extension in addition to the Bitdefender security solution and ATS will enable you to detect and block potential attacks faster, improve your security posture and ensure compliance.

Visualization of the attack is critical to understanding a potential attack in progress. But you can also search through blocked attacks to identify protection gaps and figure out all the changes and possible consequences that need to be made to meet compliance requirements.

Bitdefender MDR (Managed Detection and Response)

A Security Operations Center that monitors your customers 24/7 providing prevention, detection and remediation of advanced threats. You will also receive a call from the SOC in the event of a major attack or security breach at one of your customers. Think SBackup but for cybersecurity!

Details and specifications

Operating system

Windows, mac and linux.


Bitdefender automatically detects network components using windows network discovery.

Cloud antivirus

The entire bitdefender solution is cloud-based; no need for dedicated servers.


Everything is centralized in an online management console. You can create and choose profiles with security editing rights.


No updates or application management will be required on the customer side. These are done automatically and are installed in the background without slowing down the customer’s productivity.

Comprehensive protection

Bitdefender protects against viruses, rootkits, malware, phishing and more.

Preventive protection

Advanced heuristics, web filter, web search advisor, and usb device verification to block all attempted malware infestations.

Intrusion protection

Bitdefender offers you a double firewall that can be customized.

Protection against loss of sensitive data

Customized filter to block, transmit or drop the transmission of sensitive data.

Unprotected systems discovery

Bitdefender detects and deploys to protect unprotected systems in a network.

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