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Microsoft 365 Migration with Fly

Quickly respond to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or other Microsoft 365 tenant restructuring needs with our Azure-hosted SaaS solution.

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Full-fidelity Migration within or across Microsoft 365 Tenants

Unlimited content migration. No infrastructure hassle or installation needed.

Move, migrate, or restructure cloud content in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Migrate unlimited data easily and with full-fidelity. Our next-generation SaaS solution enables you to simply login and begin your next move. Built in discovery, mapping, and scheduling enable you to clean up or clean out data and reach your goals on time and within budget. Rest assured that 24/7 live support comes standard with AvePoint SaaS solutions.

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Know what’s relevant and important, or just collecting dust before your move. Understand your total size, channels, information architecture, checked out files, and workflows that may impact your project to improve planning.

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Move entire OneDrives, Exchange Online, Groups and Teams instances, sites, or individual lists and libraries to achieve a desired end goal. Then map, filter, and schedule the move, or just migrate in real time.

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Track migration status and progress on the dashboard. Validate your migration progress, generate reports that highlight actions taken, and always be in the know with automated updates sent directly to stakeholders.

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Pre-Migration Analysis

Get all the details. Understand your existing information architecture, data size, users, workflows, site activity levels, and customizations.

Create a project. Create migration projects according to your timetables – define the scope, filter policy, method, and schedule.

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Tenant-to-tenant migration. Migrate your SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, and Groups between different Microsoft 365 tenants to consolidate, split, or restructure your Tenants.

High speed. Migrate at top speeds using built-in Microsoft best practices. Use prime APIs to bulk upload the content within your migration scope into Azure BLOB storage plus App tokens for Microsoft 365 authorization to minimize throttling risks.

Full-fidelity data integrity. Maintain permissions, version histories, sensitivity labels, and more. Comprehensive mapping ensures data is properly retained.

Migrate Teams Chats. Migrate one-on-one chats, group chats and meeting chats across Teams.

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Track the progress. Monitor migration status and progress on the built-in dashboard.

Validate the migration. Report on migrated data volumes as well as site, list, library, and item counts. Understand migration trends across sources and destinations.

Standard, stand-out Support. Our support team is standing by, 24/7. If you need an extra hand, explore our Migration Services. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience and are here to help.

Multiple Workload Error Reporting. See all errors in a single file, regardless of workload type or when working on multiple projects for a single workload.