Azure Migrate is a free service that helps discover, evaluate and migrate applications, infrastructure and data from local environments to Azure.

Azure Migrate, a central hub of tools

Azure Migrate is a free service that was developed by Microsoft to reduce the cost and complexity of the migration process. It includes tools for every scenario, available at no additional license fee:

Migrate easily:

  • Windows and Linux Servers to Azure Virtual Machines
  • SQL and NO-SQL Databases to Azure SQL DB or Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Web apps (.NET and PHP) to Azure App Service
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

How Azure Migrate fits into your migration path

Discover and evaluate: Azure Migrate offers a hub of tools to help you plan your migration. Use Azure Migrate to perform a complete assessment, discover the machines and applications in your environment and understand how they interact with each other. This lets you avoid surprises by answering critical questions such as:

  • Is your virtual machine or server ready to run on Azure?
  • What size Azure Virtual Machine will you need?
  • How much will execution in Azure cost?
  • Can I see my application and system dependencies?

Migrate: After assessing your workloads, you can easily perform small or large scale migrations and track progress. Once the migration is complete, you can review the migration data collected to verify that all identified workloads have been integrated into Azure and are operational.

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