Why do so many companies forget to protect their cloud data?

Today, hosting data remotely is almost automatic and many organizations believe that the move to Microsoft 365 / Office 365 means that backup is no longer necessary. Microsoft offers a wide range of productivity solutions with native tools to preserve data. However, data restoration is long and complicated.

Office 365 Backup powered by Avepoint eliminates the risk of losing or corrupting your customers’ data.

Security reporting, transformed

Find, prioritize, fix, and enforce Microsoft Office 365 access controls. PI makes it easy to run tenant-wide security reports across your Microsoft cloud services. But how do you know if there’s an issue? PI aggregates sensitivity and activity data across your tenant, so your critical issues are prioritized for action. Then, edit in bulk, and set policies to be enforced automatically. Securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive has never been easier.

Reduce IT’s security burden

Easily find, prioritize, fix, and enforce controls for permissions, membership, and configuration. All your client’s workspaces, completely secure.

Demonstrate impacts of ad-hoc and automated security fixes

Maintain a record of Microsoft 365 and Teams adoption and reduced exposure over time. Dashboards prove progress, so you can understand how well issues are being addressed. Demonstrate reduced risk for key stakeholders, to prove PI’s value to the business.

Time-based security dashboards demonstrate business impact of administrative actions.

Track your risk score over time to demonstrate your Microsoft 365 security posture.

Centrally audit admin activity to track improvements across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Easily identify issues for sensitive content, external users, shadow users, and anonymous links. Then, take action where it has the most impact.

Prioritize anonymous link and large group reports for action based on content sensitivity.

Batch update out-of-policy permissions, anonymous links, shadow users, and more.

Lock down at-risk or sensitive content by expiring or removing Microsoft 365 permissions for in-house or guest users.

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