This model has become very popular and successful with Microsoft product resellers.

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program allows you as a reseller to package and resell Microsoft cloud solutions while managing the end-to-end relationship with your customers.

Why become a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

Become the single point of contact for your customers, whether it’s for advice, technical support or the purchase of licenses and cloud computing solutions.

  • Sell more than hardware and perpetual software licenses and position yourself as a trusted technology partner for your customers.
  • Integrate, price and sell on a monthly subscription basis Microsoft Cloud solutions (Azure, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and more) by combining them with your own service and product offerings.
  • Increase your margins and monthly recurring revenue.
  • Simplify billing for your customers: They get a single invoice for support, services and licenses.

8 reasons to become a CSP indirect reseller with

At, our commitment is to always help you develop a unique value proposition for your customers.

We help you to develop your business.

  • By working closely with you to ensure we understand your business and your needs.
  • By striving to maximize your profitability with the most competitive margins on the market.
  • By helping you acquire Microsoft skills to get all the incentives Microsoft offers to resellers.

We provide you with a full range of 5-star bilingual support – technical and sales support.

  • A dedicated team of Microsoft certified specialists as an extension of your team.
  • Our renowned support, always free and unlimited.
  • Stay competitive, increase and diversify your revenue with our in-depth technical training through ITCloud Academy.
  • Our trainings are delivered by trusted professionals with both technical knowledge and business practices.

We support you in promoting your business.

We help you and we customize our Go-to-Market material free of charge to match your branding.

We simplify invoicing.

One-time monthly billing while you receive incredible commissions.

  • Direct billing
    We bill your customer.
  • Indirect billing
    You bill your customer.

Access our user-friendly Partner Portal for all your needs.

Fast and easy procurement portal for your quotes, orders, invoicing, procurement and service management.

Add more Cloud solutions to your portfolio.

You retain full ownership of the customer relationship and are the main point of contact.

We provide you with a simple tool to transfer your Microsoft Advisors and Direct clients to CSP.

We currently support over 800 Microsoft Indirect Resellers (CSPs) across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re an Advisor partner. What is the connection between the CSP program and the Advisor program?

The Advisor program has been retired by Microsoft. Now’s the time to join the CSP program and earn more revenue.

If we join the CSP program, can existing EA, Open or Advisor customers purchase subscriptions from us?

Yes. Customers who have purchased subscriptions with other license models can upgrade to new CSP subscriptions or have the two existing types side by side.

How can I sell to a customer who already has a CSP partner?

The CSP program allows customers to have relationships with more than one CSP reseller.

If we become an indirect reseller, will Microsoft recognize our sales with respect to skills and discounts?

Yes. Your partner number (MPN ID) is simply attached to each subscription you sell.

Can I transfer an existing CSP agreement from my current distributor to

Yes, we have defined processes to facilitate the transition of the contract. Please contact us for more details.

I'm a Direct CSP dealer. Can I switch to Indirect and what are the benefits?

Yes, you can. Providing Microsoft cloud services is easy when you partner with and you always get great margins. You’ll no longer have to:

  • Provide at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution application.
  • Activate the billing and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Buy Microsoft Advanced support which costs $15,000 per year.

Ready to join the CSP program with Membership costs nothing and is commitment-free.

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