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Letsignit is the solution of choice for creating, assigning and managing your customers’ email signatures in just a few clicks, for an entire organization! Use the centralized interface to easily create and manage email signatures for all users so that each email can promote and amplify the brand image of your organization, which helps to build customer loyalty!

Manage your signatures. Boost your brand.

An incredibly simple creation and management cloud platform, Letsignit helps companies regain control of their digital identity by harmonizing each signature in just a few clicks. With Letsignit, every email becomes a powerful communication opportunity: Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

E-mails are a gold mine

Take advantage of the hundreds of emails received and sent every day to optimize marketing campaigns by embedding them into all email signatures; assign banners to desired users by defining the priority and duration of each campaign! Whether it’s for an event, a new product, or a new hire, the possibilities are endless!

Advanced technology, fast and simple platform

Behind a simple, secure and user-friendly interface lies a powerful technology compatible with most professional email services. Take advantage of automatic directory synchronization to manage each user, each user group and even multiple directories easily, all in one place. Monitor the success of advertising campaigns with accurate statistics, either for the whole campaign or by user, for a guaranteed return on investment!

Starter License
Business License
Creating signatures from templates
Delivery via Outlook and Office 365 and G Suite webmail
Automatic synchronization of Office 365 and G Suite directories
Create/manage users/custom groups via the platform
Automatic insertions and updates
Telephone support and live chat for users
Available in French, English and Spanish
Multi-tenant (synchronization of multiple ADs and management of multiple directories)
Signature creation and template customization with Letsignit Designer
Special response signatures and transfers
Addition of legal notices
Advertising banners and marketing campaigns
Multi-signatures/campaigns based to specific objectives
Statistics - Number and rate of clicks, reports by period, overall or by user

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