Think enterprise-level security is out of your scope? Well, no matter the size of your customers, if their businesses involve sensitive data, they’re at risk of the very same kinds of attacks as the big guys. In fact, 71% of cyberattacks target small business.

As an MSP, the reality is you need to have their back.

But we’ve got yours. Reach out today to find out how can help you deliver high quality cybersecurity that keeps your customers safe — and your business stable.

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30% of users open emails from attackers
63% of passwords are weak, default, or stolen
60% of small businesses close after an attack

Protect your customers from harm with Microsoft Secure Score

Many MSPs struggle in a break-fix model. You’re responding to issues as they happen, but don’t have time to be proactive on things like cybersecurity. Not only that, but many small businesses just don’t take cybersecurity seriously.

  • But, if you can’t protect your SMB customers — you’ll lose them when an attack forces them to close or seek a better service
  • With Microsoft Secure Score and’s help, we can analyze security holes and help you bolster their defences before the worst happens
  • Keep your customers operating safely and share with them the benefits of a comprehensive cybersecurity program they can get from you — not a competitor

The plan is simple. Together, we’ll evaluate where a customer is, identify opportunities for improvement, and build a roadmap for implementation.

Keep customers safe

Microsoft secure score will help you determine what needs to be done to keep customers secure and operational..

Healthier MRR

Safer customers makes your mrr more stable thanks to higher confidence in your future relationship.

Security upselling

A microsoft secure score evaluation can open the door to additional security service business if it reveals opportunities.

What people say about us

Our goal is to help SMB MSPs provide excellent, enterprise-quality IT security service to their customers.

Why not see what people have to say about that?


Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Canada

“ is unique in that they truly partner with their 800+ MSP community. They help with technical skills, sales skills, marketing skills, support skills and education.”


IT Director, BGM

“ has made phenomenal growth possible for us – in just one year, we went from zero MS customers to 115, with over $20,000 in recurring monthly revenue. In fact, every customer we have today is because”


President, Conseil Logic

“Their model enables me to compete with the “big guys”. With their expertise and support behind me, my company looks like a team of 20-30 people; that gives my customers confidence to deal with me and allows me to grow my business.”

Let's get secure

Want to bring your customers affordable, practical, reliable cybersecurity services?

Together, we’ll work to guide your customers through a modern cybersecurity journey that ends with them keeping their data safe — not shutting their doors.

As we evaluate your customers’ safety, we’ll be right there to help you deliver on security improvement opportunities.

Reach out to learn more about how we can grow and protect your customers through partnership.

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