Don’t leave your customers out in the cold. 2020 will see two major microsoft technologies reach their end of support — Windows 7 in january, and Office 2010 in october.

That means no more security updates. if your msp has a lot of customers still on these older technologies after that point, you’re leaving them and your own company open to future cyberattack. and you won’t have microsoft technical support.

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EOS will hit two major technologies in 2020
Your customers will be open to cyberattack
No more Microsoft updates or support

Upgrade your customers to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 with a cloud move assessment

Responding to end of support isn’t just an obligation — it’s an opportunity. As an msp, maintaining older technology puts more strain your staff and limits your ability to help your smb customers succeed. With windows 10 and Office 365, not only are your customers protected by the latest security updates, but they’ve got access to all the new features.

  • Windows 10 gets them on microsoft’s modern operating system — and onboard with constant updates moving forward
  • Office 365 opens up a whole new world of productivity and collaboration allowing you to enable them to compete better
  • Getting the upgrades also allows you to offer additional services and upsells not currently possible

And if you need to understand how to offer these new technologies to your customers? Just contact itcloud.Ca. As a microsoft distributor, our cloud move assessment is positioned to facilitate the transformation and skills development that allow you to support these updates.


We offer robust training programs that help smb msps get their staff and skills up to speed and ready to deliver.


Problems? Questions? We’re always on-hand with our own support to keep your services online and productive.


Our staff has deep experience across a whole suite of microsoft products — and we love sharing.

What people say about us

Our goal is to help SMB MSPs provide excellent, enterprise-quality IT security service to their customers.

Why not see what people have to say about that?


Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Canada

“ is unique in that they truly partner with their 800+ MSP community. They help with technical skills, sales skills, marketing skills, support skills and education.”


IT Director, BGM

“ has made phenomenal growth possible for us – in just one year, we went from zero MS customers to 115, with over $20,000 in recurring monthly revenue. In fact, every customer we have today is because”


President, Conseil Logic

“Their model enables me to compete with the “big guys”. With their expertise and support behind me, my company looks like a team of 20-30 people; that gives my customers confidence to deal with me and allows me to grow my business.”

End of support is almost here

January and october 2020 will both be here before you know it. The time is now to get yourself ready for major transitions with your customers.

Reach out to itcloud.Ca today and we’ll get started evaluating how we can help you deliver these critical security and productivity upgrades for your customers.

Don’t leave this until you see your mrr suffer from vulnerable customers — do it now. Get your cloud move assessment.

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