ITCloud Academy for End Users

Importance of user training

User training on the computer tools available to them is crucial, both for businesses and individual users. It aims to maximize efficiency by allowing users to fully master the features of the tools. Moreover, adequate training contributes to improving the user experience by making the use of the tools more intuitive and enjoyable. Furthermore, it allows for continuous adaptation to technological advancements, ensuring that users remain competent and up-to-date with the latest innovations. Lastly, by providing quality training, companies can ensure user satisfaction, which is essential for overall productivity and success.

The ITCloud Academy and Sylbert training offer

For more than twenty years, Sylbert has been helping companies achieve efficiency through the acquisition of new skills using Microsoft 365 suite

  • Practical training to assimilate methods and promote learning
  • Small groups of 7 people promoting discussion and knowledge sharing
  • A personalized post-training follow-up (accessible from the Training
  •  Training is geared towards the current challenges facing organizations
L'importance de la formation des utilisateurs

To view the directory of courses offered, log in to your partner portal and go to the Documentation/ITCloud Academy section.

LMS Plateform: Simple and intuitive

Centralized and personalized platform for an optimal experience

The platform offers complete centralization of resources, including the training login link and necessary documentation, thus providing simplified and efficient access for all users. Each user also benefits from a dedicated personal space, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, the platform integrates automated notifications for registrations and reminders, thereby ensuring proactive management and rigorous follow-up of training sessions.

ITCloud | Sylbert-Plateforme Julia

All documentation remains accessible from the training courses followed in the personal space.

  • The training certificate.
  • Certification badge – Linked to their LinkedIn profile.
  • The practical exercises during the training.
  • Comprehensive participant guide and step-by-step sheets.

LMS platform: Simple and Intuitive | A personal space for each user, where they can find all the information such as:

  • My Activities: A compilation of all registered courses (Past, In progress, Upcoming)
  • My Calendar: Schedule of courses (Past, In progress, Upcoming)
  • Summary: Overview of courses and associated documents such as certificates and training badges

Why ITCloud Academy and Sylbert ?

For over twenty years, the Sylbert team has been assisting companies in achieving efficiency by acquiring new skills on their Microsoft 365 software.

Professional Efficiency | Collaborative Work
Office Suite | Cloud Environment
Business Intelligence | Project Management