Deploy and protect businesses in minutes!

Provide full business continuity in the event of a disaster. OneXafe Solo fully protects your corporate customers by capturing complete images of computer systems and sending them directly to the cloud. No need for a technician on site, your customer just needs to plug in the device, connect it to the Internet, and you can configure it remotely in a few clicks!

Get your client back on its feet in seconds!

Get instant disaster recovery with patented VirtualBoot technology, quickly launch backup images as virtual machines via StorageCraft’s Canadian cloud or your client’s local storage, and restore files and folders in seconds, or entire systems in minutes. You can even recover your data from different environments, both physical and virtual!

Simple management on the OneSystem portal

OneXafe Solo uses the StorageCraft OneSystem cloud platform for easy management of your customers because it is accessible anywhere, anytime, from a web browser. Based on SLAs, OneSystem integrates seamlessly with VMware vCenter and Hyper-V environments, providing a simple deployment experience. The dashboard provides an overview of the health of the system. Backup policy creation is intuitive and easy with SLA features (backup frequency, retention policy, target location, offsite disaster recovery replication) all in one place. Once created, the SLA-based protection strategy can be applied to any combination of virtual or physical machines.

Would you like to have a local backup as well?

OneXafe Solo does not inherently have internal storage as it directly sends full images of physical and virtual systems to the cloud but you can easily add an internal SSD to the OneXafe Solo device or plug in an external USB drive to get local storage at your customer’s location. This will further reduce file recovery or system recovery times while allowing you to have different policies (SLAs) for data backed up locally and in the cloud.

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