February 17, 2021

We can say that most businesses today are backing up their data; regardless of the method (on discs or online).

But how do business leaders make sure that their backup is functional and will be able to recover their data in the event of a problem? Data recovering is the reason for backups. However, many neglect this aspect and think that making a regular backup is sufficient.

Can your customers answer these questions without getting flustered?

  1. What date was your last full backup?
  2. Do you have sufficient retention/history for your backups?
  3. What date was the last validity test for your backup?
  4. Are you sure you have valid and up-to-date data protection?
  5. Is the confidentiality of your backups guaranteed?
  6. Is the access to your backups controlled?

Many small businesses still use the method of backing up their servers on hard drives (which are alternated every day or week) and a collaborator is in charge of disconnecting and re-connecting. To be safer, the hard drive is transported by this collaborator outside the company. Have you ever had the unpleasant surprise that the drive was lost or that it hadn’t been changed for a long time? How can you be sure? Imagine that this happens when your server is infected with a crypto virus that encrypts your entire information system. We can say that this happens more often than we think. More and more small businesses are subject to malicious attacks making their data unavailable. It is therefore very important to entrust your backup to experts.

Have you ever estimated the costs of business recovery following a data loss?

Investing in a functional backup means saving money.

For a good backup:

  1. Avoid human action and avoid errors by using a procedure that automates this task without any manipulation.
  2. Save a copy outside your premises: by internet
  3. Choose a daily supervision by experts to ensure you quickly resume your activities in the event of a disaster.

An unchecked backup is a backup that does not exist

ITCloud.ca is a distributor of SBackup and MedicBackup, 100% managed and supervised backup solutions for more than 15 years. With a network of more than 1,200 partner-resellers across the country and tens of thousands of daily backups, ITCloud.ca is among the best providers of secure cloud backup services:

  1. No more pseudo copies stored next to the server on a hard drive, all our backup solutions also include storage of your data outside your premises in our data center.
  2. Take advantage of the backup expertise of our technicians: The integrity of the backed up data is checked daily by our team
  3. Benefit from our on-site data recovery solution that allows a quick business recovery even after a major failure

Our data center is in Canada, under Canadian legislation

As your customers’ technology partner, you are responsible for ensuring that their backups are functional and above all, recoverable! With our solutions, you do don’t have to worry about it. Rest assured, our team of experts manages and oversees this backup on daily basis for you. Contact us today at Partners@itcloud.ca and start offering your customers our proven solutions: SBackup and MedicBackup.