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The success of a newly implemented solution depends on its quality but also on its adoption by users. To help your customers boost their productivity and realize their ROI, has designed a training program for their employees – ITCloud Academy for end users. 

The objectives are for them to:

  • Discover that Microsoft 365 solutions include tools that will help them improve their work
  • Use and adapt to these solutions
  • Master these tools to be even more efficient and productive

All our trainings are given online by our instructors who have deep expertise in Microsoft 365 solutions.

Available end-user trainings for your customers

Duration of training: 75 minutes

Number of participants: between 5 and 20

Teams 101 - Teams fundamentals: The first steps

This course aims to familiarize you with Teams and its basic features and help you understand how to take advantage of all it has to offer as a collaboration platform.


  • Understand the basics of collaboration in Teams
  • Learn about the interface and team structure in Teams
  • Engage with your team using conversations
  • Stay connected with Teams meetings
  • Share, co-edit, and manage documents in Teams
Teams 102 - Make Teams meetings more effective

Join this course to learn how to make your meetings interesting, productive, and effective. Teams can help you make your meetings more constructive for your organization.


  • Use Teams for your entire meeting experience
  • Record your meeting. This allows those who could not attend to follow it afterwards.
  • Keep important meetings handy by pinning them for easy access
  • Evaluate which audio and video devices are best suited to your needs
Teams 104 - Project management with Teams and Planner

Learn how to take project management to the next level with features and apps already available in Teams.



  • Learn how to improve the management of your team tasks with the Planner app
  • Create Planner plans and access those plans from Teams
  • Discover the Tasks app in Teams that combines all the tasks in your Planner and To Do apps in one place
  • Learn best practices for managing team tasks
OneDrive 101 - Your personal storage space

Learn how to use your personal storage through the OneDrive app. This 1TB space is very versatile and you will be able to discover how to create, save, share and sync your documents.


  • How to use OneDrive online from your favorite browser
  • Syncing and using OneDrive on the PC
  • Share documents with your internal or external collaborators securely
  • Work together on the same document with co-publishing and avoid ending up with multiple versions
  • How to use Version History
SharePoint 101 - SharePoint for collaboration

In this course you will discover libraries, including the management and handling of documents. In addition, you will learn how to use SharePoint file and folder sharing to optimize collaboration, how to share files externally.


  • Document Library
  • Manipulate documents
  • Viewing documents
  • Working with documents on SharePoint on mobile
SharePoint 102 - Introduction to Intranets for SMBs

In this course you will learn about the different types of SharePoint sites, including hub and team sites. In addition, you will learn how to use SharePoint file and folder sharing to optimize collaboration, how to share files externally, and how to manage SharePoint sites in the SharePoint admin center.


  • Plan your SharePoint site
  • Learn about your SharePoint site Options
  • Collaborate with files and folders in SharePoint
  • Manage your SharePoint sites
Outlook 101 - Master Outlook in a Microsoft 365 environment

This course aims to teach you how to better organize yourself with the management and processing of your emails and to discover the tips that will save you time and efficiency in the context of Microsoft 365.


  • Customize the display to your own needs
  • Discover the different options to manage and classify your emails
  • How to work better with attachments
  • Customize your calendar
  • Manage your contacts
  • Visualize and manage your tasks
  • Search for information
Outlook 201 - Master Outlook advanced features

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to use advanced Outlook features in configuring and customizing your application according to the way you work in order to be more productive.


  • Learn about Advanced Messaging Tools
  • How to manage your Email Signature
  • Use the out-of-office wizard to create an automatic reply when you’re away
  • Gain efficiency in organizing a meeting with Survey Buttons
  • Use the rules to automatically classify your emails
  • How to better collaborate with the management of Shares, Delegations and more
Cybersecurity Awareness - Understanding cybersecurity

Best practices every end-user and employee should know to help reduce risk of malware infection and company breach.


  • Internet and email best practices
  • Keeping a clean machine
  • Password management
  • Phishing & social engineering
  • Signs of a cybersecurity breach

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